love story part five: date #2

The next 24 hours were torture. The flowers on the table were a reminder that I had a date tonight with a guy I was actually super interested in. I was so excited but so nervous to see this handsome boy again. What if this time he decided I wasn't worth another date? What if I said something silly or stupid? What if he thinks I'm a bum because I haven't worked much this semester?

I was nervous.

The instant I got to hug him, I felt right at ease. We baked sugar cookies, watched YouTube videos, and I nervously giggled quite a bit, we even posed for a picture per his request.

We decorated cookies in each other's favorite colors. Then we delivered some to my sister and her husband who live just a mile away. We talked to them for a while and then we headed back to my apartment. I hoped he would suggest a movie. He did. Then he picked Tangled. 

We cuddled. 

By the end of the second date I knew I wanted to give a relationship with this boy a shot. I could tell he felt the same. I'd never felt so ready to be someone's girlfriend. I wanted it right then but knew I needed to be patient. 

We held hands as we walked to his car, I saw his eyes look at my lips, and man I wanted him to kiss me. But he didn't. Like a perfect gentleman he kissed me so sweetly on the forehead just like he had the night before. We talked for a minute about when we'd see each other again, what we wanted in a relationship, and how fast we could be "official." 

Then I watched him drive off, I breathed a heavy sigh. And started counting down the 5 days until I saw him again.

(to be continued)

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Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

That is so cute!!

Unknown said...

I'm loving this!

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Kelsey Eaton said...

So so sweet!!

Unknown said...

ahh this is so cute! I hope I feel this way about the man I am supposed to marry!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I'm definitely enjoying this. so sweet and romantic but yet leaves you on the edge of your seat.