it's okay to eat cookies for breakfast, and 9 other truths that make life better

1. It's okay to eat cookies for breakfast.

2. Not everyone is going to like you.

3. Sharing the good is not always bragging. 

4. Buying the shoes this ONE time will not ruin your finances.

5. Holidays are not just for children & teachers.

6. You are not who you were in high school. 

7. You are a human first.
 You are a great daughter, wife, friend, etc. But you are a human first, so you're not going to be perfect, and you will make mistakes.

8. Working hard is better than being smart.

9. Confidence is built.

10. Who YOU are makes a difference. 

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Unknown said...

Love this!
Have a great weekend, B!! :D

Gloria // Simply Gloria said...

You're awesome! I love your style! I came across your other blog just now. ... and found you over here. LOVE it!