i'm that girl

Who am I ?

I'm that girl who spends way too much money on clothes, make up and hair product.

I'm that girl who reads voraciously, and longs for adventure in her own life.

I'm that girl who talks too much, too loud and to too many people.

I'm that girl who arrives late to parties, because she doesn't like big groups.

I'm that girl who can sleep 10 hours a night, and still be tired around 9 pm.

I'm that girl who will promise herself to get up and go for a run, and then has coke and ice cream for breakfast.

I'm that girl who writes in her journal religiously, but can't remember to text back a good friend.

I'm that girl that creates endless lists, but loses her planner.

I'm that girl. The one with dreams, goals and hopes.

I'm that girl. The one who spends hours trying to impress others.

I'm the girl who has failed. Who has been betrayed.

I'm the girl who stumbles through life. 
The girl who conquers the world with heels on her feet, and a smile on her face.

Because she knows that she has a sphere of influence. She has shoes only SHE can fill. A life only SHE can live.

I'm the girl who loves with all her heart; because she doesn't know how to live any other way.

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Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

We are seriously best friends... I'm this girl too <3 Everything you said I could relate to :)

Kim Bird said...

I really love this!!

Abby Frederickson said...

I absolutely love this. I just found your blog and you are incredible and totally relate able.