3 personal goals i set to make me a better wife

So when I got married, I started realizing that I have some personality flaws that might make life a little hard on my new husband. And I want to make his life easier for being married to me, not harder! So being the crazy list-making goal-setter I am, I bought a notepad and set out to make some PERSONAL goals that would in turn make me a better wife.

1. Be more prayerful. 
I find it easiest to be patient and loving towards people when I'm being consistently and genuinely prayerful. I pray for me, and for him. I pray for his job, his family, his motorcycle, etc. Anything that would make me reflect on how blessed I truly am to be married to my man.

2. Be intentionally cleaner.
I'm not a messy person, but I'm cluttery. Lucky for my husband Mr. Jolley, I feel like I kicked quite a few bad cleanliness habits in college. But I still will leave my wet towel on the ground, or forget a cup of water on the nightstand. Mr. Jolley is really patient, but I know it bothers him. He usually just picks up after me and doesn't even say anything. You'd hardly know it's frustrating to him. But I know cleanliness is important to him, so I am trying to be better at cleaning up after myself. Especially my piles of paper everywhere. Those are a problem area.

3. Say yes.
I try to say yes to anything that makes his life easier or more fulfilling. Some examples...
I'm terrified of Mr. Jolley's motorcycle. But when he asks me if we can take it somewhere instead of my car, I try to always say yes. He's always safe, and loves it more than anything. 
When Mr. Jolley asks if it's okay if he goes in early to work instead of cuddling with me in the morning, I try to say yes. He's doing it for us, to provide for our little tiny family of 2. 
When Mr. Jolley wants to spend his first hour off work at the gym together with our separate headphones in on different machines, I try to say yes. He wants to look his very best for me and feel the best he possibly can. 

I could go on for hours of all the things I need to work on personally to be a better wife, but for now, improving in these 3 fields is good enough for me.

What are you doing to improve yourself personally so you can be better in your relationships? 

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Ashley Z. said...

I love this idea!!

The Modern Tulip said...

I'm a picker. I like to nit pick at the little things. I struggle daily with taking a minute before I open my mouth to nit pick at something Jon maybe didn't do to "my standards" and have thanked him instead for simply thinking of me to do it in the first place. Being a wife is a tough job, but it's the best!