date night: the nightmare before christmas

Last week it was Mr. Jolley's turn to pick our activity. And to his delight, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is on Netflix! I'm all for a cozy night in with my husband, even though I wasn't too sure about the movie choice.

I'm inserting foot in mouth right now because this movie was really SO cute. The characters were strangely endearing, and I surprisingly like it. The music is catchy too!

So if you're looking for a date night this week before Halloween, this is a great option! It will also work around Christmastime, how cool is that?

On another note, the only time I don't keep my phone handy is on date nights. And it was SO weird to watch an entire movie without checking my phone or playing on the iPad. I just tried to focus on cuddling with my husband. It really ended up being one of my favorite dates to date. (punny right?) So try and put away electronics next date night, and let me know how it goes!

Happy date night!

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Charlene Maugeri said...

I love Halloween, Tim Burton, and everything this movie encompasses. So really it is a wonder I haven't seen it! Good to know it is on Netflix. I will have to talk the Hubby into watching it this week. We had a date night on Friday and we both left our phones at home. It was wonderful!

Andrew said...

Such a great movie! And they convert the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme for Halloween. Still hoping to see that in person.

Ashley Z. said...

You've never seen that!?!?!? It's SUCH a cute movie! :) I love it! I haven't seen it in forever.

My favorite part were all the decorated doors on the tree's!! :)

Love your date night ideas!

Life with Amberly said...

I haven't seen this one yet, is that sad?