date night: try a new restaurant for dessert

The other night we kind of decided to do a last minute date night. So we went to a nearby mall and did some window shopping and wander the food court for a snack.

Once we found a place called Churros Ole, we knew we needed to try it. It was fun to split 6 little churros with ice cream on top. Totally romantic right?

There are so many places in Salt Lake I want to try. Especially ice cream places, because I have an ice cream problem. 

So this week try a new restaurant and ONLY order dessert. It's fun, romantic and also allows you to have a new experience! Date on my ladies!

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The Modern Tulip said...

Gimme dat churro!

Kendra Klingler said...

That looks delicious!! My husband and I try and go to a new restaurant at least once a month.

Life with Amberly said...

This is a great date idea!!!

Elise Frederickson said...

You should go try Belissimo Gelato in Murray! it's just off 5400 S and 9th East. SO good!

Angela said...

Ohhh my yum! That looks so good!