love story part four: the blind

The cute boy had arrived. Flowers in hand and the HUGEST grin on his face. I got weak in the knees. In my head I'm thinking "Please oh please let this date go well..."

I had bragged to him about the deliciousness of Aggie ice cream, and since our undying love for ice was something we had bonded over pretty quickly, it seemed like a pretty good first date idea. We made easy conversation, he laughed at my jokes, and he had a boyish grin that turned my stomach to mush.

After ice cream, he wanted a tour of Logan. So we drove around and I showed him a few of the key places. Then we went to The Jump Zone where I work. We didn't jump, but we did play ping pong for awhile. It made the conversation much easier because I didn't have to make eye contact with this cute boy while telling him all about myself. 

Then we headed to Walmart for an Easter egg dyeing kit. He picked out a Disney princess one. I knew he was a keeper. We dyed eggs at my apartment. We talked about what we were like in elementary school, middle school, high school, etc. We were both pretty nerdy. 

Brielle told us to snapchat her if it was going well, so we did...

The time came for him to make the 2 hour drive home. I walked him to his car. He asked if he could come up tomorrow for date #2. I said I'd love that. He kissed my forehead. I got the craziest butterflies.

I stayed up until he got home. We texted for awhile. He made a joke about how he wanted to plant that kiss somewhere else. My response...

"You can't kiss me tomorrow. You just can't. Even if I want it."
And I was serious.

(to be continued)

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Susan Stange said...

Oh my cute! Way to hold your ground about the kisses! It's hard to do, especially when the guy buys a princess egg-dying kit.

Sue // Chevron & Lace

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that brought tears to my eyes. This is cute I'm so happy you two found each other and so happy he found such a sweet cute girl to join our family :)

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn I don't have a blog but that was my comment above this just forgot to put my name :) just wanted you to know I'm so happy your in the family love Angelia

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

too stinking cute. NO kiss on the 2nd date. LOL